European Roulette

European Roulette

Spin to win in the classic European Roulette table game.

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  • Rules of European Roulette 
  • Keeping a Cool Head 

The essence of roulette lies in its uncertainty. That a huge fortune can be had on any one of the numbers on the wheel has long appealed to fans of this super game of chance.European Roulette is arguably the most popular variant of all three Roulette games. It features a sprawling layout of numbers, boxes, and columns in addition to the centerpiece of it all - the spinning wheel.

Learning the rules of European Roulette

The most important rule to playing European Roulette - like any version of Roulette in fact - is this: play sensibly. This means that Roulette is a game of chance, not one of strategy like poker or blackjack. But the good news about European Roulette is that it's the most 'player friendly' of the versions in terms of house-edge. 

While American Roulette has the 00 in addition to the 0, European Roulette contains only the 0. That means that there are only 37 numbers on the great big spinning wheel. In terms of odds of hitting any particular number they are 1 in 37 or 2.7%. And the odds of not hitting your number on any one spin are 36/37 or 97.29%. 

These figures may not mean much to players but there is one figure that always courts players to European Roulette - the house edge. In this version of the game it's only 2.7%as opposed to American Roulette's 5.63%. 

Keeping a cool head

Inexperienced gamblers tend to throw down multiple chips all over the table. They bet on red or black,numbers, columns and so forth. But what must be born in mind is the bankroll.Keep it conservative and calculate the cost of every wager versus the expected returns. 

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