FastForward Poker

FastForward Poker

The turbo-charged way to play poker online.

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FastForward Poker Fast Forward Poker is a fast-paced online poker game brought to you by Party.Bwin Poker.

As opposed to regular Texas Hold'em games, FFP doesn't require you to wait for a hand to finish, but rather transfers you to a new table and deals you a new hand the second your previous one finishes.

How it works

Play hundreds of hands per hour. The second you fold one hand, you will be moved to another FastForward table where you will be dealt a new hand and be sat opposite new opponents. In fact, this game is so quick, that if you don't like your hole cards you just fold them and head to the next table.

To play, select the FastForward tab at the main lobby, choose your game and stake level, and click "Take Seats." Once you do this, a dialog box will appear, asking you how many chips you would like to take and how many tables you would like to open. The maximum amount of tables you can simultaneously play is four.

Special features

One of the things that differentiates FastForward Poker from other Rush Poker-style games is that it allows you to play heads-up. Compete in tournaments of one-on-one poker games, but move from table to table the instant you fold a hand, just as you would in a regular game of FastForward Texas Hold'em.

The "Forward Fold" button is another fantastic feature, allowing you to move to a new table before the action even hits you. Players at your table will have no clue that you have just folded your hand until it's your turn to bet. The "Forward Fold" button appears next to the regular "Fold" button.

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