Five Aces Poker

Five Aces Poker

Enjoy the star-studded fifth Ace!

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  • Origins of Five Aces Poker 
  • Five Aces Poker Variations 
  • The Mystery Fifth Ace 
  • How to Play 
  • What You Can Win 

'Five Aces Poker' makes use of a novel 53-card deck. Even more interesting is the fact that the 53rd card is another Ace. 

Origins of Five Aces Poker

Much of poker's mystique has rubbed off onto this popular variant, but poker aficionados standby the claim that the game was developed by IGT (International Game Technologies). 

Variations of Five Aces Poker

With video poker, there are always multiple varieties of games that are evolving. It's no different with Five Aces Poker. Here are some of the variants that actually pay handsomely for this type of game. Note that in all these games the winnings start at Aces or better with added compensation for 5 Aces. 

  • Bonus Poker / Jacks or Better
  • Double Bonus
  • Double Double Bonus Poker

The Mystery Fifth Ace

The extra Ace is decorated with a hand some black-and-red star. Contrary to public opinion, it is not a wild card. But it does create regular pairs, three-of-a-kind hands, Full House hands and Normal Straights among others. 

Rack 'em, stack 'em and crack 'em

There are basically two platforms of Five Aces Poker. The single-hand option and the multi-hand option. The single-hand option provides the selfsame three poker gaming options (Jacks or Better,Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus Poker) that have already been listed above. 

The multi-hand option offers 9 gaming options - 3 rows and 3 columns. Each column is designated to one of the three aforementioned games. While each row represents the number of poker hands to be played at the same time. 

What you can win

When playing with the maximum number of coins, it is possible to win 6,000 coins when hitting 5 Aces.Note that a 5 Ace winner only pays out 500 coins is 1 coin is input. There fore the sensible advice is this: play the max number of coins all the time.

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