French Roulette

French Roulette

Nobody puts a spin on Roulette quite like the French.

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French Roulette is deeply rooted in a purple shroud of mystique. Perhaps it was the fact that the game was reserved for the highest French nobility and the royal court. Or was it the high-rolling extravagance of the bettors and the esteemed company that gravitated toward the game. 

French Roulette is a little different in a lot of places

Whatever the reasons, it certainly has a rich history. The game has adapted to the modern age while retaining its classic style. The most striking difference between the French and American versions is the table layout and the betting odds.

Like European Roulette and unlike American Roulette, the French version displays only a single zero.

Both the colours of the numbers of a standard French Roulette table are adorned in white. All other numbers with the exception of 0 and 00 on anAmerican Roulette table are either black or red. But beyond that, it is also the positioning of the numbers that differs.

Betting odds in French Roulette

When it comes to wagers, French Roulette definitely stands head and shoulders above its transatlantic sibling. There is an interesting phenomenon that occurs in this version - especially when 0 comes up. It's called the La Partage rule. Players will only lose half of their even-money wagers when the silver ball lands in the 0 slot. And it cuts the house edge to 1.35%. 
A French table

The layout of the French Roulette table differs from that of the American Roulette table. An obvious difference is the positioning of the side bets. On French Roulette tables these side bets are split in two and they run along either side of the table layout. Further, they are labeled in French with the occasional English translation beneath. 

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