High Limit Baccarat

High Limit Baccarat

Enjoy the excitement of high limit baccarat.

When players think of baccarat they instantly think of sophistication, style and class.  Baccarat is the perfect high roller game because it already caters to those who seek posh and exclusive casino action.  Many players who prefer baccarat emanate from the realm of the powerful and wealthy.  Baccarat’s reputation as an elite casino game was enhanced by the James Bond character who also loved to play baccarat.  In land-based casinos, high limit baccarat is separated by ropes from standard baccarat games.  High limit baccarat players wager incredibly large amounts of cash on the banker, tie or player bets.  High limit baccarat is perceived as a glamorous game which attracts the attention of high-class casino players. 

A Game of Luck

High limit baccarat has become one of the most popular games for high rollers at online and land-based casinos.  These games require that players have a sufficiently large bankroll and some even require that players have an invitation to play.  There is a lot of mystique surrounding the game of high limit baccarat but even so the game is completely based on luck.  There is no special strategy or skill needed to play this game.  To play high limit baccarat you will need a fairly large bankroll.  While playing at a land-based casino will give you the most authentic high limit baccarat experience, you can also play this exciting game in a live dealer format.  Live dealer high limit baccarat is the closest you can get to the real game without actually going to a land-based casino. 

How to Play the Game

The objective of baccarat is to correctly bet on the hand you believe will be closest to a value of 9.  The hands are the banker and the player but you can also bet on a tie.  Baccarat offers a low house edge and the casino will reserve seats at high limit baccarat tables for players who are ready to bet a wad of money.  Fortunately, casinos have made this game available to a greater number of players by offering high roller baccarat starting at wagers of $100.  The exact definition of high limit baccarat will depend on the player and the size of their bankroll.  In casinos, the difference in betting limits between high limit and low limit baccarat is substantial.

Advantages and Disadvantages of High Limit Baccarat

For players who want more excitement, high limit baccarat is the game to play.  In addition, the payouts in high roller baccarat are larger than in standard games of baccarat.  High limit baccarat players are also favoured by the casino and usually receive additional benefits.  Casinos want to keep their high rollers happy and will happily provide them with big rewards.  Of course, the one disadvantage of high limit baccarat is that you stand to lose a larger amount of money than in standard baccarat. 

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