High Limit Blackjack

High Limit Blackjack

High limit blackjack – the ultimate casino experience.

High limit blackjack gives players the chance to play a game of blackjack with greater maximum and minimum betting limits than standard blackjack games.  The higher costs of the game mean that there is more money to be won.  At land-based casinos, players can find high limit blackjack tables in roped-off areas where an exclusive group of players are competing for big payouts.  The bet sizes are what make high limit blackjack different to standard blackjack.  Casual and low roller players are separated from high roller players by the stakes.  Of course, the payout from high limit blackjack makes these games very appealing to avid blackjack players. 

What Betting Limits Make a Game High Limit?

While casinos have their own rules for determining what high limit blackjack is, the exact definition will be different for individual players.  Players that have a small amount of money in their bank account and a small blackjack bankroll will find that $5 or even $1 blackjack bets are expensive.  Players that have millions of dollars to spare will think that $1,000 blackjack bets are extremely affordable.  Truthfully, it is up to each player to decide their personal definition of high limit blackjack in terms of their bankroll.  A general rule is that if you can afford to lose the minimum bet then you can afford to play blackjack at the bet level. 

Blackjack Variance

Another issue that should be considered is blackjack variance. This is notable when you consider the minimum betting limit in games of high limit blackjack.  If you play blackjack long enough, you will experience periods of wins and periods of losses.  By deduction, you will need to have a large enough bankroll to make it through the rough times. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

Playing high limit blackjack has several advantages and one of the most notable ones is that the payouts are large.  The payout for blackjack is 3 to 2 which means that if you wager $1,000 you will win $1,500.  Another advantage of playing high limit blackjack is that you will likely get a lot of additional rewards from the casino.  Casinos know that high rollers spend more money and therefore want to keep high rollers happy with a variety of benefits.  These benefits can include upgraded accommodations, tickets to shows, gifts, dining rewards and more. 

However, there are disadvantages of playing high limit blackjack.  First, if you are an experienced card counter then you will probably already have more attention focused on you, since you are playing a high limit game.  The casino tends to watch high limit games more closely as there is a lot more money for them to lose.  In addition, in high limit blackjack you also have a lot more to lose.  If your bankroll can support a loss of 20 to 30 hands in a high limit blackjack game then you should be able to play without any problems.  However, if your bankroll cannot support these losses then it may be better to play a low limit blackjack game. 

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