Hollywood Gin

Hollywood Gin

It's like the trifecta of Gin Rummy gaming.

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When it comes to Gin Rummy gaming, then Hollywood Gin is one of the more entertaining variants in this series. Arguably the most prominent feature of the game is the nature of  playing it. Hollywood Gin scores the game as if 3 games are being played at once.This can be seen in the score sheet which lays it out as follows: Game 1, Game2 and Game 3. 

Hollywood Gin trivia

Gin Rummy was formulated in the year 1909 by Elwood T. Baker of Brooklyn, New York. Elwood was a teacher and it wash is son who in fact suggested that name. That it was based on the propensity to consume gin and rum is not entirely without reason. 

  • When Gin Rummy became a worldwide sensation, it was the Hollywood celebs that got in on the act and coined another game - Hollywood Gin.
  • There are single and multi-match games

Hollywood Gin strategy

The overall strategy is to form melds and to try to rid oneself of high unmelded cards, rather than low ones. It is always preferable to try to 'knock' early in the game. 

There are 52 possible 3 card melds of 3-of-a-kind and 44 possible 3 card melds of the same suit. So the advantage clearly lies in the possible formation of 3-of-a-kind. 

Cards from the discard pile must complete a set or a run. If a card does not complete a set or run, then a player accepting such a card is speculating. 

Lowering the 'deadwood' or unmatched card value is a good thing. But if A's are retrieved from the discard pile, then one's opponents are aware that A's are required and they will be less likely to discard them. 

Hollywood Gin rules

Players begin by playing their first game. When they win this game, they place it in the Game 1 category. Recall that there are 3 columns. Points are awarded for the first game won in Game 1. When the player wins his/her secondhand, then the scoring is entered into Game 2. In fact three games of Gin have to be won in order to fill up the three columns and win the game overall.

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