Joker Wild

Joker Wild

This video poker game provides a fantastic edge against the house, and the Jokers are wild.

In This Game Overview

  • History of Video Poker 
  • Who's the Joker? 
  • Tips and Facts 
  • Hand Rankings and Payouts 

Joker Wild video poker is a whole new ball game. The game features one of the industry's best edges against casinos - between 97.1% on the low side to upwards of 100.6% on the high side. That means that it's quite possible to win regularly when playing with perfect strategy. 

History of video poker

Based on the universally popular 5-card draw game of poker, video pokeris a player favourite at casinos the world over. In fact, as a gaming category it rules the roost at both online and land-based casinos, with mega jackpots prizes to boot. During the 1970s this game gained prominence as television and computers merged technological prowess. 

Who's the Joker?

Joker Wild is no laughing matter. Indeed this game is a one of the most-loved video poker games. And in this game, it's the Joker that is the wild card. This allows winning combinations to be had with some stellar payback rates. 

Joker Wild tips and facts

The deck consists of a non-standard combination of 53 cards. The anomaly is the inclusion of the joker. 

  • It's imperative to print out the playing tips and tricks for Joker Wild - that way players can make informed hold and discard decisions for every hand
  • The Kings or Better version of Joker Poker has the best edge against the house
  • This is the preferred game in casinos across the east coast of the USA

Joker Wild rankings and payouts

From highest to lowest the winning hands and payouts are: 

  • The Royal Flush - pays 4,000 + coins when max coins are wagered
  • Five of a Kind - 200 coin payout per coin bet
  • Joker Royal Flush - 100 coin payout per coin bet
  • Straight Flush - 40 or 50 coin payout per coin bet
  • Full House - 5, 7 or 8 coin payout per coin bet
  • Flush - 5 coin payout per coin bet
  • Straight - 3 coin payout per coin bet
  • Three of a Kind - 2 coin payout per coin bet
  • Two Pair/ Pair of Kings or Aces - 1 coin payout per coin bet

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