Live Casino Hold'em

Live Casino Hold'em

Stay at home, but play live poker nonetheless.

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Live Casino Holdem is one of the few poker variations that can be played with a live dealer. Thanks to the massive popularity of Texas Hold'em, a variation of it was created so that it could be enjoyed as a liver dealer game. It is not yet as widely available as other live dealer casino games but it is offered by a select few of the very best casinos. 

The real-time aspect of live dealer casino Hold'em makes it an extremely popular choice among poker players. A live feed of the game with the dealer managing your table is streamed directly to you. This means that it is possible to interact with the dealer who will tell you when it is your turn and what are your play options. 

The significant difference is that you are playing against the casino rather than playing against other players as would be the case if you were playing in a regular online poker room. 

The objective is to hold a hand that beats the dealer's provided it qualifies - which is at minimum, a pair of 4s. Use your first two cards and the five-card "flop" to build your best hand which, in live casino play, will be automatically revealed. To commence the game, you must place an Ante bet to establish the initial pot. Players have two betting options which is to call (when the dealer deals the remaining flop cards) or to fold (when you forfeit your bets).

Live casino Hold'em allows you to enjoy the full casino experience without the expense and inconvenience of traveling to Las Vegas.

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