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Online Live Dealer War is a fun and exciting version of the beloved, classic game of War.

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There is a good chance that while you were growing up, at one point, you played a card game called 'War'. This children's card game is usually one of the first games taught to small children and it becomes a very positive nostalgic memory for many people. This is definitely one of the reasons that the game has undergone a makeover and adapted for iGaming. 

Live Dealer Casino War is the latest version of the classic game. Although online casino war has been around for quite some time, the live dealer offering has become a popular game for players seeking a fun, exciting, and sentimental experience. 

How to Play

The rules of Live Dealer War are quite simple, but the game can be profitable and quite strategic. One or more players, against a live dealer, use a 52-card deck and each card is flipped to see which is highest. Live Dealer War gets interesting because of the wagering. The player makes a wager prior to the turn and the winner of the round wins the wager amount. The loser takes a loss for the entirety of the wager. 

What happens in the event of a tie you ask? Well, ties are where Live Dealer Casino War starts to get interesting. In the event of a tie, the player has two options. The first option is to raise the white flag, which results in losing half of one's wager. The second option is to go to War. The latter being the more exciting option of the two. 

This Means War!

Going to War against a Live Dealer is a lot of fun. The first thing one must do is double-up his/hers initial wager. The dealer then burns three cards and continues to deal. If there is another tie, the player will receive a bonus payout and another round of wagering is permitted. 


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