Live Dealer Mahjong Paigow

Live Dealer Mahjong Paigow

The tiles are set, and the dealers are live.

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This classic tile and die game that has been popular in the Macau casinos for longer than can be remembered has only fairly recently made the seamless transition over to live dealers. This means that a much greater audience of fans around the world can enjoy this ancient game today without the need for international travel.

Whilst live dealer Mahjong Paigow does not yet have the mainstream following of the likes of say live dealer roulette or even live dealer baccarat, it can be found at a few of today's very best online casinos which stream it live from select bricks and mortar casinos. It is only a matter of time, however, until it becomes easier to find.

In live dealer mahjong paigow players will find that there is a duel screen which is very convenient. Typically, the center or top video screen will be aimed at the dealer based in the casino, while the second screen will clearly depict the action on the table showing the actual tiles as they are being dealt. You will of course also be able to chat with the dealer in case you have any specific questions about game rules.

The game is said to have originated out of Asia and with its very low house edge (as low as 1.25%) it is an attractive game in deed to learn. Additionally, it is a chance based game rather than a skill based game making it ideal for the novice casino player.

This is an Asian Live Dealer Game that involves players betting on three different positions to either win, lose, tie or pair bets on each. The tile stack which includes 20 Mah Jong tiles is shuffled every five rounds. Depending upon where you choose play, you should have a fairly wide betting range and may even be able to place a bet as low as $2.

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