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Sic Bo, a Chinese casino game, is not complex and much is dictated by chance. Playing Sic-bo Live, however, means that you sidetrack the uncertainty of an automated software program as there are real dealers physically making the action and rolling the dice. Any concerns about game fairness can be confidently set aside when you see the results of a live dealer. 

The age-old game involves throwing the dice, matching tiles and placing bets on high or low of the tiles. Whilst the game may be deeply rooted in tradition, it is perfect for today's technology as a live game. 

Live Sic Bo is not yet quite as popular as say live dealer blackjack or baccarat. However, there is a growing trend to offer live Sic Bo. It is certainly the most thrilling and fulfilling way to play one of the oldest games in the casino as you have the opportunity for greater interaction and a more personal experience than can be provided by computer software. Live dealer Sic Bo allows you to get back to the basics.

The key strategy to success in Sic Bo is proper money management to minimise the house edge or disadvantage against you. As each roll of the dice is independent from, and uninfluenced by, the next (which is especially true in live dealer Sic Bo), there is no pattern that can be followed. Double bets, as opposed to triples, are recommended also but in moderation. Diversity in bets is the key to an enjoyable game of live dealer Sic Bo.

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