Low Limit Craps

Low Limit Craps

Get in on the action with low limit craps.

Craps has always been a popular game and it has been made even more popular with low limit craps.  Low limit craps makes this game accessible to casual players who are not able to meet expensive minimum wagers of traditional craps games.  This casino game is fairly simple and it is a great way to socialize with other casino players. 

The Essentials of Low Limit Craps

To play the game, you need to bet on the outcome of a dice roll.  Usually minimum bets on low limit craps games range from $3 to $5.  Craps is an extremely social game and it is one of the reasons why this game is so popular.  During a game of craps, it is common for players to celebrate wins together and you can often hear their cheers throughout the casino.  The energy is electric and there is no other casino game that offers this type of experience. 

Tips for Low Limit Craps

Even though you are not placing large bets in low limit craps, it is important to use bankroll management and follow some tips and strategies.  There are a fairly large selection of bets that you can make but if you are a new player you should focus on simple bets like single number bets and Pass and Don’t Pass bets.  Once you learn more about the game and have a better understanding of the game you can then make more complicated bets which give you a better chance of winning or a better payout.  It is important to learn the odds of various bets so you know which bets you should place and which bets you should avoid.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Low Limit Craps

One of the major advantages of low limit craps is that you will not need as large of a bankroll to play this exciting game.  In addition, this game offers an interactive experience which is preferred by many players.  Another benefit of low limit craps is that this game is readily available at online casinos so you do not need to travel to a land-based casino if you want to play the game. 

One of the disadvantages of playing low limit craps is that the payout odds are usually lower compared to higher limit craps games.  This is true of nearly all casino games – lower limit games have lower payout odds compared to their higher limit counterparts.  However, the lower limits mean that you can enjoy the game for a longer period of time and in some cases it allows you to play a game that otherwise would be too expensive.  Good advice is to stick to the simple bets and if you are nice to the dealer they will usually be more than happy to help you understand the bets.

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