Multiplayer Slots

Multiplayer Slots

Multi Player Slots turns trendy.

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The modern game of slots is a far cry from its former self, having taken on board the best features of other online games to morph itself into a popular phenomenon.

Multi-player slots has been available for a while at land based casinos, where players use numbered slots machines and aim for the highest score within a set time limit. Whilst this has thrills of its own, multi-player slots has really come into its own on the web and is the newest revolution to hit online casinos.

For a game that was traditionally played solo without any interaction it has now had a dramatic make-over making it fit for twenty-first century fans.

Ring the Changes

Multi-player slots differs to regular slots in the following ways: 

  • Groups of up to 6 players can play at any one time.
  • Players compete with each other to claim the prizes on offer. Online multi-player slots games have an international player base with large guaranteed pots and a real competitive feel about them.
  • There is a chat facility so players can interact whilst playing.
  • There is a social element in some games which includes communal payouts. This facility sees players teaming up for simultaneous play, chat and group prizes.
  • Scores are totted up on a slots leadership board which keeps track of the cumulative points awarded to each player.

Multi-player Slots Tournaments

There are two types of online slots tournaments: 

  • Scheduled Slots Tournaments - these start at a specific, pre-advertised time. Players can sign up in advance or turn up once the tournament is live for real-time registration. Live slots tournaments are advertised on individual online casino and online slots sites as well as on industry sites.
  • Sit and Go Slots Tournaments - these take place at regular intervals and players simply turn up and wait for the required number of participants to be present before play commences.  

How to Play Online Multi-player Tournament Slots

The main focus of multi-player slots is the same as for the regular game - to get a winning combination of symbols.However, multi-player slots has additional features that spice up the game. 

  • Take note of the 'Win Box' at the bottom of the screen; this is where your points are collated throughout the tournament.
  • The 'Coins Balance' shows how much credit you have left for tournament play. All players start level with coins being 'spent' with every spin of the reels. The number of coins spent depends on your chosen wager and pay-lines.
  • Players can usually top up their coins mid tournament should they wish to do so.
  • The 'Play Time' box shows the ticking clock... how much time there is left in the tournament. Slots tournaments can range between 5 and 15 minutes.
  • Points are amassed based on the number of winning spins a player makes.
  • Communal games include in-play chat and shared bonuses in every round.
  • Unused credits are lost and can, in fact, be a disadvantage if a player's speed drags behind that of other players.
  • Tournament slots therefore is not just a matter of pressing 'spin', players need to keep an eye on their balance and play time in particular, ensuring they play fast enough to gain maximum points, whilst at the same time topping up their credit if they need a little extra funding mid game.

Things to Check Before you Play

As with all tournaments, check out the rules before competing, in particular find out: 

  • If re-buys (coin to up) is allowed.
  • Whether credits can be played or just banked.

Online Slots Tournament Prizes

Tournaments generally have prizes for the first three places, with some larger tournaments having additional prizes on offer too. 

Some tournaments are a precursor to more prestigious, higher-level tournaments where big prizes are on offer. These forerunner tournaments may not have cash prizes but instead a player would win entry into the bigger buck contest. 

Give it a Try

Multi-player slots is a heady combination of the best elements of traditional slots mixed with all the spice of social networking and communal play. Scheduled tournaments have the feel of a real 'event'- with promos, a lead up time and big money prizes. 

Online slots tournaments have taken the online slots world by storm. Find out what all the fuss is about and try out the magnificent, modern version of this all time classic game.

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