Online Keno

Online Keno

Keno is wildly popular in casinos across the globe, but it's considered more of a game of fun than a serious gambling activity.

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Keno History
With a history going back over 100 years, keno's early roots originate from China. The game was imported to the United States in the late 1800s by immigrant Chinese laborers.
Keno Modern Game
The modern game of keno is played using a mechanical number selector normally powered by an air machine that forces small numbered balls through a selection tube. Each ball represents numbers from 1 to 80 corresponding to numbers on the players' keno cards.
How To Play Keno
Keno is a simple game to play and there for most keno guides are short and simple. The game play is quite familiar to anyone who has ever filled out a national lottery slip. Players take their keno card and mark off a series of numbers from one to20 that they hope will be drawn in the next game. Payouts are calculated according to the chances of your numbers being drawn. For example, a player marking off five numbers for a 5 dollar bet may receive 5 dollars back if two of the numbers come up, 10 dollars if three numbers are called, 50 dollars for four numbers, and a mini jackpot of 200 dollars if all five numbers hit. Many other betting variations exist, each with their own payout schedule.when it comes to keno rules, its so simple there isn't much to say, just pick your numbers and see if you won, you can not break the rules even if you want to, just like in lotteries and bingo.
Keno Progressive Jackpots
Another popular option is to participate in an internet keno progressive jackpot. To encourage players to lay heavier bets, casinos keno game will offer accumulating keno jackpots, which sometimes even exceed a casino's 100% payback limit. Progressive jackpots can often offer huge prizes, although the chance of winning any of these bonanza prizes is exceedingly low.
Online Keno Odds and Entertainment
Keno is fun, but it's not really considered to be a mainstream casino keno game. Most players will fill out a card while relaxing in between games in the casino,which normally satisfies most players' appetite for the game. Others may frequent the keno table as a pleasant way of passing the time of day placing minimum wager bets and taking advantage of their casino's hospitality.
Keno Tips
  • The best tip we can give when it comes to playing keno is to choose a reputable keno online casino to play it at. use our casinos directory to find which casinos offer the keno game and what is the amount of jackpot you can win, these are the two main things to consider when choosing where to play keno, in terms of keno strategy - you're own your own.
  • Try to play flash keno game first at our free casino games section, you can get a realistic idea of the odds of the game. There are many free keno online casino games, bingo games and scratch cards too, all keno-like games to try free.
  • Some online casinos offer special keno bonuses for keno players, if you find such a casino that you like to play at make sure you read the wagering requirements and check the keno jackpot amount and also that

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