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Online Sic Bo

From ancient China to online casinos.

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Sic Bo brings an Eastern flavor to the modern world of online casino gaming. With its roots in ancient China and a name that translates as ‘dice pair' this game provides intrigue from the start, seeing as it is actually played with three dice! 

Sic Bo Rules

Sic Bo casino game is simple to learn and even easier to enjoy. The object of the game is to bet on the outcome of the roll of three dice (unlike Craps, which uses only two dice).. 

The first task at hand is to select your chip size and then place these on the area of the Sic Bo table that corresponds to the bet you wish to make. You can place bets on the individual numbers or on a combination of numbers that will be thrown. 

With online Sic Bo it is a simple case of clicking the mouse in the right place on the screen.

For both land-based and online Sic Bo it is possible to make multiple bets of different amounts for a single throw of the dice. 

After bets have been placed the croupier will shake a 'cage' which contains the three dice. For Sic Bo online it is just a matter of pressing the 'Roll' button. 

The three dice are then thrown and the winning numbers and combination will automatically light up on the Sic Bo table. This will cover bets on totals for one, two or three of the dice plus combination bets. 

Sic Bo Bets

There is a wide variety of bets available on the Sic Bo game. Winning Sic Bo bets certainly have attractive odds with payouts ranging from evens to up to 180-1. 

The betting possibilities for Sic Bo are printed on the Sic Bo table. Wagers can be made on single die numbers, two of a kind, three of a kind or on combination of numbers thrown from two or three dice. 

Below is a range of some of the possible bets available: 

  • Specific Triple is on any triple numbers; triple twos, for example. If all three dice have a two on them then you win.
  • Any Triple is for the same number coming up on all three dice.
  • Specific Double is for two dice coming up with your selected number.
  • You can also bet on the total of the numbers thrown by the three dice, for example if a 2, 5 and 1 is thrown the total is 8.
  • You can also bet on a Small or Big number being the sum of the three dice. Small numbers are 4-1 and big numbers are 11-17. Neither of these bets pay out if a triple is thrown.
  • You make combination bets too. A Two Dice Combination is that at least two specific numbers (not the same number, which is a double) are thrown by two of the three dice.
  • Single Die Bet allows you to bet on at least one of the dice being thrown on your specific number.

Sic Bo Odds and Sic Bo Payouts

Each Sic Bo bet has its own associated payout. These are all printed on the Sic Bo table. The varying bets and differing payouts gives everyone a chance to win some money. Typical payouts are: 

  • Specific numbers bets on one die are paid at 1-1, for two dice it is 2-1 and for three dice it is 3-1.
  • Two number combination bets are paid out at 5-1 if they come up on any two of the dice.
  • Total bets pay out at between 6-1and 50-1 depending on the total bet.
  • A specific triplet bet (same number on all three dice) pays out at 24-1
  • A specific double bet (same number on two of the dice) pays out at 8-1
  • Triple bets pay out a massive 150-1 if you are lucky enough to get your winning combination on all three dice.

Sic Bo is a fun game, with lots of suspense. It is great to play or observe.

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