Poker 2-11

Poker 2-11

It's pronounced "Two eleven" and it shows promise to become a popular version alongside Omaha and Texas Holdem.

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If you thought the poker world is in need of a shakeup,you're not alone. So has Bruce Paul, the person who invented this new game, a first in 26 years. 

Game Principles

Poker 2-11 is undoubtedly a close relative of the popular forms of Texas Holdem and Omaha Hi/Lo. It too is a five-card poker game, with hole cards and a set of community cards that all players in the hand may use. 

With a minimum of two players and as many as ten, the games are all similar so far. 

In 2-11 however, each player chooses whether to use two or three cards from their four-card hand with two or three cards from the four-card board to make their best five-card high and low hand. 

Unlike Holdem and Omaha, the flop in 2-11 contains only two cards, while the turn and river both contain one. 

It differs also in that it can be played in a Hi/Lo format, witha 7-low condition as opposed to an 8-low condition. 

Game Play

  1. Post blinds. Deal 4 cards to each player (face down). Bet
  2. Burn & display a "flop" of 2 community cards. Bet
  3. Burn & display a community turn card. Bet
  4. Burn & display a community river card. Bet

Players play the game "hi/low" with a 7 low condition with Ace low and no penalty for straights or flushes. 

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