Progressive Slots

Progressive Slots

How do the slot machines reach such large jackpots?

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Slot Machines in all their shapes, colors, sounds and names (fruit machines, poker machines, one-armed bandits or simply slots) are main attractions across casinos. No surprise then that in the online casino world they have taken on a very realistic look. 

As machines, the online version of slots have kept the simple operation of clicking on the game, making a bet and spinning the reels. 

Progressive Jackpots

What online casinos are able to bring new to the game of slots are progressive jackpots

In progressive slots the value of the jackpot increases with every game played by every player across all connected casinos on the network. Increments are small, but the more players the faster the jackpot total grows. 

The final jackpot is decided only once someone wins. There might be a minimum sum from which it climbs, but there is no telling how high it will reach. 

The maximum jackpot is awarded to a player that hits a particular winning combination. Other winnings may reward players with smaller jackpots along the way. 

Progressive Slots Variations

A basic progressive jackpot is not linked to other casinos. Instead the jackpot climbs with a percentage of each player's bets on the particular machine. 

Another form of progressive slots has a number of progressive machines on the same casino linked together. 

The next level progressive jackpots links slot machine across different casinos, part of the same network powered by one software company. It is with these progressive slots that the really big jackpots are hit. 


To qualify for the jackpot at a progressive slot machine the player must wager the maximum number of credits per play (max credit bets). This allows the casino to add a percentage of the bet to the total jackpot sum. 

Popular Progressive Games

Popular progressive slots games include: 

  • Millionaires Club
  • Mega Jackpots
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Mega Moolah
  • Deal or No Deal

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