Real Money Casino War

Fast paced, highly fun and nostalgic as well, real money casino war is a big attraction in online casinos.

Best Real Money Casino War Casinos

Casino war is a more intricate version of the popular kid's card game. Two or more players can take part in a casino war game which is played using a 52-card pack. A very simple game, casino war features two parties which deal cards to each other (usually a dealer and a player). Like in the kid's version of the game, the player with the higher card wins the turn; the winner wins an amount equal to his original wager while the player with the lower value card loses his entire stake.

Ties are very common in casino war, opening the way to two options: surrender or go to war. A player who surrenders loses half of his bet, while a player who goes to war places an extra bet equal to his initial wager. Three cards are then discarded by the dealer who then carries on dealing the player and himself new cards. If the player's card is higher, he wins an amount equal to his original wager and if the dealer's card is higher, the player loses both his wagers (the original bet and the "casus belli" bet).

The simplicity and fast pace of real money casino war has turned it into one of the most popular online casino card games. Real money casino war is a preferred player choice in online casino card game sections as refreshment from "heavier games". Use the list below to find online casino which deliver the best real money casino war games.

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