Real Money Hi-Lo

Real Money Hi-Lo is a fun and highly entertaining variant of poker enjoyed by many players in online casinos, playing against the computer or in live dealer tables against other players.

Best Real Money Hi-Lo Casinos

Omaha is not only one of the most complex but also the most versatile types of poker, with different varieties including the immensely popular Online Hi-Lo. The game is played following exactly the same rules that govern the conventional Omaha poker, but has the particularity of rewarding players for making the best as well as the worst hand.

A couple of poker rules have been waived and traditionally strong hands such as straights and flushes are completely out of the Online Hi-Lo picture. Aces continued to play dual roles being used as the highest as well as the lowest cards, so they are particularly valuable in a real money Hi-Lo game. Savvy players can use them to make both the highest and the lowest hand, therefore if the game goes to show down, they will win both halves of the pot.

This is the best case scenario for players, but what usually happens is that two of them split the pot, with the owner of the high hand also claiming any odd chips that can’t be divided. While there is no additional requirement applying to the high winning hand, the low hands needs to qualify to be factored in. More precisely, players would must unveil 5 unpaired cards and all of them need to have the rank of 8 or below. On the other hand, players can make any winning high hand therefore there is always a guaranteed winner in a real money Hi-Lo poker game.

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