Real Money Keno

Real money keno is a most popular attraction in online casinos due to its simplicity, fun and high payouts. Find out the best online casinos where you can play real money keno.

Best Real Money Keno Casinos

Keno was made popular when Chinese railroad and mine workers brought it to the American Wild West in the late nineteenth century. It is essentially the Chinese version of lottery giving players the opportunity to win large amounts for relatively small wagers. Different types of keno are usually found in an online casino's "specialty games" or "other games" sections alongside bingo.

In the frame of a keno game, players pick between four and ten numbers from the range of 1-80, with each selection called a "spot". The numbers are arranged in 8 rows, with each row containing 10 numbers. Once the players have picked their numbers, the Random Number Generator (RNG) draws 20 numbered balls out of 80 possibilities, with each ball representing one number. There aren't any serious strategies players can employ when playing keno, as it is a game purely based on luck. Keno payouts are in accordance with the chances of the players' numbers being drawn.

Due to its randomness and the fact that it's strictly a game based on luck, it is important to find reputable online casinos when looking to play real money keno. Real money keno found in online casinos is essentially the same players would encounter in a land-based casino, with the added advantage that they can choose their numbers with no restriction and without the use of any cards etc.  Check out the list below to find a list of the best online casinos where you can safely play real money keno.

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