Real Money Sic Bo

Real money Sic Bo is a game loved and cherished by players for its fun and instant factors.

Best Real Money Sic Bo Casinos

Sic Bo is a three dice game similar to craps which has originated in China and made popular in the west. Sic Bo is highly popular in online casinos due to its fast paced nature and high fun factor. Sic Bo players bet on the outcome of the role of three dice. A regular Sic Bo game has players pick their chip sizes and place them on the Sic Bo table, both individual bets and combinations can be placed. Once all bets are placed, the Sic Bo croupier uses a "cage" to spin the dice.

Sic Bo betting options are great and many. Players can bet on doubles and triples and more specific varying bets like two specific pairs or even more intricate combinations. Bets can also be placed on the total amount composed by putting all the spun dice together. A simple game, the three dice involved in Sic Bo mean that there are many winning varieties. Sic Bo is strictly a game of luck, therefore it's important to play on reputable casinos standing up to safety and fairness standards. The Random Number Generator (RNG) plays an important role in Sic Bo.

Real money Sic Bo is usually found in online casino's table game sections. Due to its simplicity and fast paced nature, real money Sic Bo is a very popular attraction among online casino players. Check the list below for some of the best online casinos where you can play real money Sic Bo with safety and ease. 

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