A simple, logic based number puzzle.

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If you think that you are not strong with numbers, don't worry. This game is about logic rather than mental arithmetic.  This means that you shouldn't ever have to resort to guesswork to solve a puzzle. 

Sudoku gained huge popularity around the world in about 2005. Suddenly it seemed, Sudoku was everywhere, including online. It had become nothing short of a worldwide phenomenon. 

How to play

The online puzzle game is most typically a 9 x 9 grid made of nine sub-grids which are 3 x 3. The numbers 1 through to 9must be placed into this grid.  Some cells will already contain cells and these are known as 'givens'. You will always been given at least 17 givens. The goal is to complete the empty cells.Each number must appear in each row and column but once only. 

Levels of difficulty

When you play Sudoku online you can choose your level of difficulty. The greater the number of givens there are in the grid to begin with, the easier the game will be usually. There are various techniques to help you solve the puzzle and as you progress in difficulty you will need to learn them. 


There are literally dozens of variations of Sudoku and new types are being invented all the time. For example, there is Diagonal Sudoku where every row, column, 3 x 3grid andmain diagonal must contain the numbers 1 through to 9. And some variations can be huge, such as 25 x 25! 


The word Sudoku is short for 'Su-jiwa dokushin ni kagiru' in Japanese which means 'the numbers must be single'. 

Plus, there are some 6,670,903,752,021,072,936,960possible Sudoku puzzles apparently so once you become addicted (and you will!) you needn't ever worry about running out of puzzles.

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