Three Card Blackjack

Three Card Blackjack

A fantastic fusion of Blackjack and 3 Card Poker.

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Blackjack with Three Card Poker is a heady mix of the best elements of both games. Played in an increasing number of land-based casinos since its inception in 2007, it involves some exciting new rules to spice up traditional Blackjack.


Blackjack Three Card Poker takes the best elements of both games and combines them to make a thrill-a-minute new version of Blackjack that keeps both poker fans and blackjack fans happy.


The new game, called Three Card Blackjack, has its own rules and quirks but is quickly gathering pace and enticing in its own fan base. It is sometimes known as '21+3',referring to the winning hand in Blackjack and the 3 in three card poker. So,what's this new game all about? How do you play it? Check out our handy guide below.

Three Card Blackjack Rules

  • A standard 52 card single deck is used.
  • In Three Card Blackjack, players place an ante bet, which is a forced bet where players all put in an equal amount before dealing commences.
  • An 'Ace Plus' bet is also available in Three Card Blackjack.
  • Three cards are dealt to each player and the dealer.
  • Each takes the best two or three card hand out of their dealt cards.
  • At this point players may 'raise' - placing a second play bet, equivalent to the ante bet, if they wish.
  • Players can also 'fold' and in doing so, forfeit their ante bet.
  • Players then check their hands against that of the dealer to see who wins.
  • All cards have the same value as standard Blackjack.
  • The dealer must qualify with a hand of 18 or higher.

Three Card Blackjack Payouts

  • If the dealer does not qualify the ante bet pays out 1-1 and the play bet pushes (ties).
  • A player Blackjack (21) automatically wins 1-1 on both the ante bet and the play bet.
  • If the player raises and the dealer does not qualify then the player wins 1-1 on the ante bet but the play bet pushes.
  • If the player raises and the dealer qualifies the hand closest to 21 wins. Players receive 1-1 on both the ante bet and the play bet.
  • If the dealer wins the player loses both bets. All ties, except Blackjack, push. A Blackjack beats a three card total of 21.

Three Card Blackjack - Is it for You?

If you want the thrills of poker without the need for the skills then this game is right up your street. It has a high paying side bet alongside all your favorite Blackjack features.

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