Turkish Rummy

Turkish Rummy

Online Turkish Rummy is Great fun to play.

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Turkish Rummy is a tile based Rummy that is very popular in Turkey and also goes by the name of 'Okey'.  It can be played by two to four players although it is most commonly played with four. You can play Turkish Rummy online for fun or real money. 


The goal of Turkish Rummy is to be the first player to dispose of all the tiles in their hand by drawing and discarding tiles. The games comes to end when one player is able to put down all his or her tiles in ‘melds', that is, sets of equal numbered tiles, runs of consecutive tiles of the same color or seven pairs. There will be one tile left over which is thrown into the discard pile. 

The game can also end in a stalemate if players have not had a chance to lay down their tiles which can happen if the stock pile run outs. 

How to play

Turkish Rummy is played with 106 tiles which are numbered 1 through 13. To begin the game, each player is dealt 14 random tiles and a rack to arrange their tiles and keep them hidden from the other players. The remaining tiles form the discard pile. 

When it's your turn to play you can choose to either draw from the pile of face down cards or pick up a card from the discard pile which are facing up. 

There are wild cards which are determined at the beginning of each round and these can be used in melds to substitute for tiles of all suits and ranks. Jokers can also substitute for any card in a run or a set. 


Each player begins the game with zero points and collects penalty points throughout the game. The number of penalty points accumulated by each player determines how the prize pool is divided among the players.

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