The magazine looks to bridge the gap between the casino world and its audience, revealing the real behind-the-scenes picture of the gambling world in Romania and around the world.

CASINO LIFE & BUSINESS MAGAZINE is a Romania-based company that's involved in the business of organizing events and publishing a magazine that covers all things gambling. Their issues focus on bridging the gap between casinos and their audiences, lifting the curtain and revealing the backstage of the casino world to the masses.

Revealing Gambling World in Romania

The first of its kind in the country, CASINO LIFE & BUSINESS MAGAZINE gives readers a real insight into the gambling world in the country, writing about casinos in Romania, as well as famous venues around the globe, cruise ships, and online casinos.

With a new issue every two months, the magazine also features famous and relevant people from the gambling niche, sharing their stories, experiences, and thoughts with the readers, giving them a better insight into the world of casino gaming.

Targeting Thrill Seekers

The magazine is published at 10,000 copies per issue and targets rich businessmen and top managers who can afford the entertainment at the high level and look for quality in everything they do, be it gambling, travelling, or shopping.

Articles, interviews and columns found within every issue contain gambling tips and strategies, news about the latest trends in the industry, interviews with influential and famous personas, and much more.

The quality of the magazine and its target group make CASINO LIFE & BUSINESS MAGAZINE an ideal marketing platform for various high-end businesses from different niches. People regularly reading the magazine are the ones who not only look for but can afford high quality cars, expensive jewelry, fine perfumes, and more. They are also the ones looking to travel comfortably and enjoy the experience, so all sorts of business can find it beneficial to market their products and services inside.

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