Platform Infinity

Platform Infinity

Platform Infinity organizes event that bring together experts from different relevant fields, making sure every event is fresh and properly addresses the issues at hand.

Based out of South Africa, Platform Infinity is a company focused on organizing various events, conferences, and training sessions. In addition to the organization of events, the company also provides expert and legal advice in the gaming sector.

Conferences Covering All Aspects

What makes Platform Infinity stand out from the crowd is their approach to the event organization, creating conferences and meetings that gather experts from various relevant fields, from international experts and keynote speakers to various government representatives, ensuring all angles are covered and no questions remain unanswered.

Focusing heavily on building strong and healthy relationships with said experts and representatives, the company creates an environment where people from various relevant areas are brought together to discuss things face to face, which people behind Platform Infinity believe is crucial in today's fast-moving world. Events are well-researched beforehand, making sure every single one is different and relevant to the topic(s) at hand.

Two of the most important events organized by Platform Infinity include Mediterranean Gaming Expo (MGA), scheduled for March, 2019, and Gaming Expo Francophone Africa (GEFA) in May, 2019.

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