Balkan Gaming and Entertainment Expo (BEGE)

Balkan Gaming and Entertainment Expo (BEGE)

BEGE brings together gaming and entertainment professionals, experts and operators from all over the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

We are happy to announce that currently is underway intensive preparation for the long-awaited annual events in 2022: Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo (BEGE) and Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS)!

The event's organizers are monitoring the development of the situation and strictly following all anti-epidemic measures to ensure a complete experience, full of many new ideas and contacts for the organizers' contractors.

The organizers are planning a new, improved concept for the events, inspired by the latest technological advances! We believe that its implementation will bring even greater benefit to both partners and stakeholders alike!
Updated information about the dates and venues of the two large-scale events will be available soon!

General Overview:

Organized by the Bulgarian Associations of Manufacturers and Operators in the Gaming Industry (BTAMOGI), the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo (BEGE) is an event committed to bringing together all of the Balkan's entertainment and gaming sectors, with professionals and experts from both the land-based and online gaming, tourism and leisure sectors converging for a two-day event packed with events. BEGE has been taking place yearly since its first assembly back in 2008.  

The main emphasis put by BEGE is on service and products for shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, casinos, bars etc, while also giving a stage to products to complementary products from the marketing sector: Digital technologies, vending equipment, control systems, security systems, mobile applications and so on. The BEGE is an all-out exhibition in the sense that it covers a very large portion of Balkan's gaming and entertainment operators and industry people, covering the latest technologies in trends in a wide range of fields including vending, entertainment, tourist and gaming industries.

BEGE plays a key role in supporting industry development in the regions of the Balkans but also in Eastern Europe, helping operators, manufacturers and distributors of services for entertainment centres to reach a wider slice of the market. Despite its Balkan-Eastern-European affinity, the BEGE is not at all limited only to industry members and operators from these markets. The event also draws spectators and industry professionals from greater parts of Europe, Russia and the US. BEGE is great for networking opportunities, bringing together like-minded professionals: The attendees also enjoy different fun attractions like fun areas where new business contacts can also be had.  

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