Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Cyprus

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Cyprus

The Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Cyprus is slated to take place at the 5-star Hilton Cyprus Hotel on November 30, 2017. All aspects of cryptocurrency trading, regulation and frameworks will be discussed with dozens of companies and 300 attendees.

The Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Cyprus will be taking place on November 30, 2017 in Limassol, Cyprus. This prestigious event is being arranged by Smile-Expo – a major organizer of digital currencies and blockchain technology conferences and exhibitions. As part of many large-scale events promoted and organized by Smile-Expo, the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Cyprus features prominently in multiple countries including Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan among others.

The focus of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is to provide a platform for delegates from the industry. Among others, participants will discuss innovative new technologies, markets, and regulation in the cryptocurrency trading arena. Blockchain and smart contracts are central to the Fintech industry, and cryptocurrency is leading the way. These cryptocurrency conferences and discussions are geared towards decentralizing the technology that makes blockchain tech possible. Other areas under discussion include trading, insurance, government reach, regulation and integration with other FinTech sectors.

Cryptocurrency Leaders in Attendance at Conference

Among the leading dignitaries at the conference are global experts in cryptocurrency, thought leaders, analysts and digital currency experts. Many blockchain-related topics will be covered and all folks interested in these investments will have an opportunity to learn from the guest speakers. The core focus of the conference is providing solutions to decentralized technology in the cryptocurrency arena.

Smile-Expo – the conference organizers – have hosted some 15 Blockchain & Bitcoin Conferences around the world. These have been concentrated in Central Asia, Europe and Russia. The  Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Cyprus marks the first such event in the island nation. The Hilton Cyprus Hotel – a 5-star establishment – will be hosting the conference for delegates. All invited guests will have access to the exhibitions where ground-breaking technology will be showcased. Blockchain technology forms the bedrock of the upcoming conference and some 300+ delegates are slated to attend. In total, some 25 companies will be providing their expert insights.

Cyprus on Blockchain Technology

Cyprus is one of a handful of countries that views cryptocurrency, and the blockchain technology that makes it possible, favourably. Unlike China, Cyprus does not wish to ban or regulate blockchain technology in cryptocurrency. Cypriots routinely use cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin as an investment option, or for trading purposes. A local university in Nicosia, Cyprus now offers MAs in digital currency trading. Regardless, many questions remain about regulating the industry and developing it to its maximum potential. This is one of the primary objectives of the Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference Cyprus. Traders, investors and interested parties will find useful information about investing in cryptocurrency startups, vis-à-vis ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings). Conference organizers provided discount ticket rates to students.

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