Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv

The Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv brings together European bitcoin users, experts and enthusiasts for lively discussions, exhibition and networking.

Organized by smile expo and supported by the Bitcoin Foundation, the Bitcoin Conference is a major event which spans major European cities with events in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev and Prague. The Bitcoin Conference is dedicated to creating a learning experience through a lively discussion on the issues facing the world's most popular cryptocurrency today.

Kiev Conference

With many countries largely restricting online gambling transactions in recent years, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has become the best alternative payment solution for much of the world’s population, especially the US players who find it nearly impossible to make gambling transactions using other methods.

Bitcoin has grown into a pretty huge phenomenon and the Bitcoin conference is the one place where all the industry insiders can meet up to share their Bitcoin experiences, expectations, fears and plans. The conference continues September 19 in Kiev, Ukraine, with the questions such as what is Bitcoin, why it is necessary and why Ukraine has a chance of becoming the ideological center of the Bitcoin community all to be discussed.

Case Studies and Discussions

The discussions in the Bitcoin Conference are dedicated to the latest and hottest topics of the bitcoin year, with analysis, forecasts and discussion of the best ways to work with cryptocurrencies in general - with the great bitcoin surge in late 2017 on the agenda. Conference attendants get the latest word on technical solutions in the fields of security, privacy and mobile, by looking into examples and case studies that provide irreplaceable first-hand experience from which to learn from.

The State and Future of Bitcoin

More specific subjects cover cardinal questions such as the cryptocurrency's standing in global economics, the relations in regards to brick and mortar merchants, bitcoin in online gambling, the investment climate, bitcoin regulation around the world and Blockchain future prospects.


Aside from the learning experience, the Bitcoin Conference also serves as an exhibition where one can obtain first-hand information about new and innovative products in the field that can maximize the success of a bitcoin-supporting business.


Seeing that bitcoin is still a new field, start-ups and new exciting initiates are the order of the day. The Bitcoin Conference gives these new ideas a special stage with a start-up alley where new ideas and offers come up in presentations given to the conference goers.

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