Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm

Industry leaders and expert speakers will attend the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm.

The last couple of years have been a roller coaster for Bitcoin users, as the crypto currency swung amply. Conferences discussing the trends and also the future of Bitcoin are particularly useful to better understand what’s happening with it. On September 1 in Sweden, the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm is scheduled, the first block chain event of this type in the Swedish capital. The conference will last an entire day, and it will be packed with useful facts.

Expert Speakers Discuss the Future of Bitcoin

This Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is just one of the many stops in the series of Blockchain events taking place all over Europe. There is tremendous interest for such conferences and they’re well attended, by IT developers, software manufacturers, investors and entrepreneurs. The fact that it brings everyone under the same roof creates unique opportunities for attendees and the perfect environment for learning. Those who attend the event can also use this as a chance for networking and for establishing contacts with like-minded individuals. It can serve as a starting point for mutually lucrative partnerships in the future.

Industry leaders will discuss the projects implementing crypto currencies and Blockchain and try to identify future trends. Participants from both the public and private sectors are expected to share their insights on how Bitcoin of fact and will shape the banking system, healthcare, media and other domains. The emphasis is on how to develop new and better IT products to serve the fast rising Bitcoin industry.

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