Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Germany

Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Germany

The Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Germany is ideal for professionals seeking knowledge on cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and other topics.

The next installment of the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Germany shall be hosted on 4 April 2018. This time, the dedicated cryptocurrency conference will be hosted in the cosmopolitan German capital of Berlin. Any prospective attendees can purchase tickets for BBC Germany before the conference is scheduled to take place.

A Cryptocurrency Education

The premise is rather straight-forward with BBC Germany. From the broadest possible perspective, the conference is designed to educate and stimulate discussions relating to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain integration, and initial coin offerings, where people and business elect to acquire newly established cryptocurrencies on the market.

Crypto Trading and Offerings

Those interested in cryptocurrencies shall benefit from being able to see key figures relating to analytics and forecasts, thus enabling them to make shrewder decisions. The discussions then provide a further backdrop, with prospective investors shown details on new cryptos. Additionally, there can be advice for start-ups wishing to get involved with offerings.

Technology and Legislation

The conference will also have value for companies that wish to understand the most effective ways of implementing highly secure forms of blockchain technology into their business processes. Another relevant point of discussion shall be the evaluation of legislation relating to cryptos, with speakers focusing on experience and prospects.

Prospective Audience

BBC Germany is hosted in English as the official language. The conference organiser, Smile-Expo, has described the cryptocurrency conference as being suitable for a broad catchment of professionals, including the likes of entrepreneurs, currency traders, financial experts, software developers, legal minds, government representatives, and various others.

More Information

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