Blockchain Technology Summit

Blockchain Technology Summit

Prospective companies and industry experts alike can visit the Blockchain Technology Summit and try to raise their profile in the field.

The Blockchain Technology Summit is an event that focuses on the principal technology that is used to record and confirm cryptocurrency transfers through the use of cryptography. Industry professionals wishing to attend the event can visit Shanghai to attend the 2018 Blockchain Summit from 24 to 25 August.

Blockchain Experts

Blockchain has been getting closer and closer to prominence ever since Bitcoin introduced the technology to the world in 2008. Since then, many other financial companies and cryptocurrencies have embraced the technique, and now it is viewed as having an integral future when it comes to banking security.

Fundamentally, the Blockchain Technology Summit (BLC) is intended to serve as conference where attendees can listen to industry experts and discuss the findings with others in attendance. Blockchain is rising in status, which is why many more companies are moving to try and explore the potential of utilising its cryptography principles.

Industry Opportunities

Industry experts are drawn from all over the globe in order to host a variety of presentations to explain how blockchain can be used. In doing so, the experts will also highlight the suitability of blockchain for a variety of industries, including the likes of finance, utilities, logistics, insurance, and others.

BLC is also designed to facilitate networking opportunities for those in attendance, who will be joined by respected CEOs, founders, investors, and venture capitalists interested in the technology. Start-ups and established companies can attend BLC and find that they will have options to speak with various parties as a means of raising their profile or to secure strategic opportunities.

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