Esports & Casino Resorts

Esports & Casino Resorts

The Esports & Casino Resorts Conference taking place in Las Vegas in October will bring together esports and casino experts to discuss future opportunities.

The inaugural Esports & Casino Resorts Conference organized by Naruscope is scheduled to take place on October 25 and 26 2016 at the SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. The Conference will gather some of the most influential names from the esports and casino industries, looking to bridge the currently existing gap between the two.

Bringing Esports and Casinos Closer

The Esports & Casino Resorts Conference will focus primarily on presenting esports opportunities to representatives of the gambling industry. Organizers and speakers believe that esports have their place in the casinos around the globe and could play a significant role in a modern casino of the future.

Some specific topic that will be discussed at the Conference include the crossover between skill and gambling present in esports, currently existing opportunities and challenges, as well as the profile of existing casino customers who are likely to find esports offer appealing.

In addition to this, experts from both worlds will talk about the age and expectations of an average esports fan and what a casino can do to meet these expectations.

An Opportunity for Networking and Expansion

The Esports & Casino Resorts Conference in Las Vegas will offer a great opportunity for esports and casino representatives and executives to meet, exchange ideas, and possibly forge new, mutually beneficial partnerships.

With the constant and significant growth trend connected with esports, this is a great opportunity for casinos to add something new to their offer and appeal to new audiences. Creating a well-rounded and exciting experience for esports fans could open up significant new streams of revenue for those willing to take the first step and put in the required efforts.

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