SBC Digital Payments

SBC Digital Payments

SBC Digital Payments has been planned as a virtual conference environment where attendees can discuss the challenges of facilitating payments in the iGaming industry.

With deposits and withdrawals being fundamental in the global iGaming industry, SBC Digital Payments was established as a virtual conference to discuss the latest developments and innovations that relate to payments, cryptocurrencies, know your consumer (KYC) protocols, and anti-fraud measures. For those who are interested, the next SBC Digital Payments conference has been slated for 29 April 2021.

The iGaming industry requires currency to function and payments can be impacted by KYC, compliance, fraud, and anti-money laundering. In recent years, cryptocurrencies have come to the fore and iGaming professionals are now facing more challenges than ever before. To provide clarity, conference organiser SBC Gaming will bring together speakers and exhibitors who can share their invaluable insights from the industry.

How the Virtual Conference Works

To enable this and other virtual conferences to take place online, SBC Gaming has created the Summit platform to give exhibitors and speakers a virtual space in which to connect with the delegates. Once the platform has loaded, the delegates can visit areas such as Conference, Product Lounge, Entertainment Lounge, Networking Lounge, Networking Bar, Exhibition Lobby, or the Help Desk, where support can be sought.

The Conference area is key to the event and users are given the choice to either watch the expert panels either live or on-demand. Also, there is the Networking Lounge where workshops and networking sessions can be hosted. For iGaming operators, the Exhibition Lobby is the most important tool because it can enable them to set up a virtual booth where interactions can occur with delegates who are interested in the brand.

More Information

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