The Asia (Guangzhou) Battery Sourcing Fair

The Asia (Guangzhou) Battery Sourcing Fair

The 2017 Battery Sourcing Fair will be hosted at the China Import & Export Fair Complex in China. Leading scientists, developers, tech aficionados, and experts from the industry will be in attendance.

The Asia (Guangzhou) Battery Sourcing Fair 2018 is scheduled to take place on August 16 – 18, 2018 at the China Import & Export Fair Complex. This year’s event will be showcased at the Canton Fair Complex – the largest exhibition hall. In years gone by, hundreds of media and brand companies from scores of countries have been represented at the Battery Sourcing Fair. Thousands of buyers from Switzerland, the Netherlands, South Korea, Britain, Italy, Russia, the United States, Japan, and France have attended the Battery Sourcing Fair.

The Battery Sourcing Fair 2018, otherwise known as the GBF Asia 2018, is the third such installment of this conference. It covers a broad spectrum of demonstrations vis-à-vis the battery trade platform in China. The world’s leading technicians, managers and scientists will be in attendance, showcasing their wares. Tech leaders from complementary industries and disciplines will be coming together to reveal the latest and greatest enhancements and developments in battery technology. The purpose of the fair is to promote the development of this industry, with captains of industry in attendance.

What does the Exhibition Cover?

  • An impressive array of hydrogen fuel cell technology innovations
  • Management systems and power batteries
  • Energy storage options
  • Graphene industry and application
  • Various lithium battery options
  • The latest in super capacitor products

Delegates, CTOs, CEOs and leaders from countries around the world will be attending the conference, to rub shoulders with industry professionals at the highest level. The Energy Storage Summit presents aficionados with the opportunity to market their products, embrace the latest technology, and participate in this hands-on event.

Who will be Attending?

Key participants in the global battery market and associated sectors will be attending this conference. These include a wide array of Asian companies, including new energy vehicles, electric vehicles, forklifts, import & export merchants, dealers, agencies, buses, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), wind and solar energy power companies, consumer electronics, medical devices companies, military equipment companies etc. The conference is sponsored by The People’s Government of Guangdong Province, of China.

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