The Online Gaming Masterclass

The Online Gaming Masterclass

The Online Gaming Masterclass is a specialized course that will help anyone in the online gaming industry improve their company's bottom line and increase overall performance.

The Online Gaming Masterclass is a unique class, designed for anyone in the iGaming industry who wants to deliver ultimate value to their company and improve their bottom line. The class was designed by Igor Samardziski as an interactive session that allows participants to work on areas that are relevant to their own businesses, using real figures, information and benchmarks that participants provide.

Who should take the class?

The course is designed for both people who work at existing online gaming operators and for people who want to launch a new start-up in the iGaming world. People who can benefit the most from this course are: C-level executives, Heads of Product, Heads of Marketing and Acquisition, VIP Managers & BI Analysts, Heads of Customer Services, Risk, Fraud & Payment Departments, Accountants, Key Officials and Compliance Managers.

Samardziski recommends that one person from each department of a company attend The Online Gaming Masterclass, so that everyone will be on the same page and integrating the new information will go as smoothly as possible.

Benefits of taking the course

Samardziski guarantees that participants will leave the course with an in-depth knowledge of their business ecosystem and a personalized way of analyzing their contributions within in. Participants will also come away with a one-year business plan, a business intelligence development brief, a departmental KPI analysis report and a glossary of terms and definitions with formulas.

About Igor Samardziski

Igor Samardziski is the founder and CEO of Nexus Gaming Intelligence and a veteran in the online gaming industry. He has held positions with some of today's biggest providers of gaming products and was the recipient of the iGaming Representative of the Year award in 2013.

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