Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports betting is a multibillion industry that keeps growing. Use this page to learn more about fantasy sports betting and find the most recommended sites where you can participate in fantasy sports contests.

The Internet acted as a catalyst for the meteoric rise of Fantasy Sports. The games however have been around for many years and have developed a cult following on both sides of the Atlantic. In the United States, they provide an alternative to those who love sports but can’t bet on them due to prohibitive legislation. FanDuel, Draftkings and Yahoo dominate the market and have emerged as the leaders in fantasy sports betting.

What is Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy Sports is a game played almost exclusively online. Participants choose real players and use them to create virtual teams that compete for supremacy. What makes these competitions so exciting is that they are based on the real-life performance of these athletes. The best fantasy sports sites make great use of all the statistics available and this provides players with the impetus to stay well informed.

Fantasy sports competitions use point systems that can be pretty simple or very complex. The industry shows a lot of growth potential and runs in parallel with traditional sports betting. The most popular sports are basketball, hockey, baseball and American football. Soccer is quickly closing the gap and it has emerged as the sports of choice in Europe and Asia. The best fantasy sports websites turn over hundreds of millions of dollars and compete in a multibillion industry.

The Most Popular Fantasy Sports Competitions

Fantasy football race supreme and the NFL attract 90% of all players. Participants track the performance of their players of choice and use these athletes to create the best possible rotation. With fewer games scheduled every year, fantasy football provides an alternative to those who can’t keep up with the torrid pace of NFL and NBA fantasy leagues.

When it comes to simplicity, fantasy baseball is preferred by Americans, thanks to the straightforward way of acquiring and selling players. It enjoys ample coverage on the best fantasy sports sites and has the advantage of games being scheduled on a daily basis. Most tournaments focus on the regular season matches, but players can also participate in competitions dedicated to the playoffs. Basketball has a dedicated audience among those who cherish fantasy sports betting and focus almost entirely on NBA.

The Surge of Daily Fantasy Sports

A fast rising category of fantasy sports is the one offering immediate gratification. The surge of daily fantasy sports can be explained by their popularity with adrenaline junkies and dedicated sports fans. The advantage is that players don’t have to wait until the season comes to an end to claim their prizes. As long as they can commit enough time to play the game on a daily basis, they can collect rewards just as often.

The particularity of daily fantasy sports is that they involve a tiny feet that is charged by the operators. A similar system is used by traditional bookmakers and casinos that dwell on the proverbial house edge. The best fantasy sports sites have low fees and bigger prize pools, so winners walk away with a lot of money. Under normal circumstances, daily fantasy sports winners are presented with the prizes at the end of the day. The longest competitions last no more than one week and then start all over again.

Fantasy sports betting came under the scrutiny of authorities regulating online gambling in the United States and elsewhere. While traditional leagues are accepted by regulators, they tend to target daily fantasy sports. The similarities between these competitions and conventional sports betting practices caught the eye of the authorities. The fact that millions of players are hooked on fantasy sports makes this market immensely profitable for all the parties concerned.

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