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URL: optionbit.com
Established Year: 2010
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OptionBit Review

Review last updated on April 9, 2014

New traders at OptionBit will be able to enjoy myriad benefits online including the likes of a generous welcome bonus worth hundreds of dollars. This serves as a major enticement to traders. Another particularly alluring offer is the OptionBit General educational allowance. All traders who have selected their first investment online will be granted a bonus to learn about different financial trading strategies. The benefits available to traders are listed accordingly:

  • A $500 investment results in a 20% bonus offer
  • A $2,000 investment results in a 30% bonus offer
  • A $5,000 investment results in a 40% bonus offer

A generous VIP program offers traders priority status when making an appointment with a market analyst.

Trading in a Wide Range of Assets

OptionBit provides online traders with multiple assets to trade in. These include the likes of 5 major categories including: Bonds, Stocks, Indices, Currencies and Commodities. The listed bonds on site are the Bund. The stocks include: Apple, Nike, Microsoft, Boeing, McDonald's, Exxon Mobil and Google. Indices include the CAC future, BOVESPA, Dow Jones, S&P 500 future, Dax future and the Dow Jones. Currencies pairs include AUD/USD, EUR/JPY, EUR/GBP, GBP/JPY and the GBP/USD. Commodities that are traded include copper, silver, gold and crude oil. A practice trading platform is available to traders for free. All that's required of traders is to select an asset - with an associated expiry date - and the projected payout percentage. The option to Call (Above) or Put (Below) with regards to asset trading is available to traders. The methodology behind binary options trading is selecting an asset and predicting the future trading value of that asset. This may either be higher or lower than the present market rate at which it is offered to the trader.

7 Steps to Trading Online

Both novice traders and experienced professionals can enjoy quick & easy trading at OptionBit. The 7-step program is easy to initiate. It includes the likes of the following:

  1. Create a Binary Option Trading Account
  2. Selecting a Market and an Underlying Asset from a wide range of options online
  3. Choosing the Time of Expiration of the asset
  4. Conducting a Final Analysis
  5. Selecting an Option to trade
  6. Setting an Amount Now amount
  7. Wait for the Option to Expire and Collect

Given the following 7 step program, users can easily generate up to 81% in returns on their initial investment at OptionBit - in less than 1 hour. The trading platform is easy to use, simple to understand and effective at generating results. A wide range of assets can be traded including currencies, trades, stocks and indices. Close and extend orders are available to traders. And best of all, there are fixed returns and fixed risks. And with no commission, no spread and no fees, traders can enjoy a consummate trading experience online.

All About Binary Options Trading Online

The first step in the process of binary options trading is the creation of an online account. There is no need to create complicated arrangements between brokerages and exchanges, as this can easily be done at OptionBit. A wide range of safe, secure and reliable payments processing options are available including the likes of Visa, MasterCard and Western Union among others. And because OptionBit is powered by TradoLogic, users are assured of incomparable quality and credibility. The process begins with the selection of an underlying asset such as oil, gold and the like. Note that high returns can be generated in double-quick time - with very little effort on the part of the trader.

It is however of vital importance to carefully conduct an in-depth analysis of the market and the associated assets prior to selecting trading options. Next up is the issue of examining the binary option that is best suited to the investment in question. There are trades available from as little as a few dollars to several thousand dollars or more. All trades share 3 distinct characteristics including the following: The Asset, The Time of Expiration and The Forecast or Prediction. Should a Call Option or a Put Option be placed and the asset ends in the money, then the trader will collect a return as much as 75% - 85%.

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