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  1. Playing slots in the casino is just no way as fun for me - I prefer to play online, at home, feet on the sofa and snacks!

    It's not as comfortable in the casino and you can't just zone into your own world and relax.

    I don't think people go there to play slots, but a lot of folk end up playing.

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  2. I recently cancelled Netflix and started Amazon Prime instead.

    I find it better as I ran out of things I wanted to watch on Netflix.

    I have just finished the serie - Flesh and Blood, about the ballet - very dark though.

    I am now starting Outlander.

  3. I am curious what your friends and family think about you playing online casino games.

    Mine see gambling as BAD and like drugs, if you even do it a bit, you have a problem.

    Because of this I tend to just keep my playing to myself.

    I was playing a £5 bonus I got on my phone a few days ago and my niece saw and gasped "are you playing for money????"

  4. ^^ I agree, once you have been playing slots for more than 1-2 hours, reason and logic seem to go out the window, you forget you are using YOUR OWN HARD CASH, and you can get so sucked in to playing that you don't always know when to stop. That, coupled with tiredness in the night - not a good combination.

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