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  1. On 6/30/2018 at 8:12 AM, smithassignment1 said:


    I want to know the rules of poker. Like ranking of hands. Do you know any poker app which giver free roll chips for a newbie. 


    Assignment Help


    Depending on which phone platform you're using Iphone or Android? 

    Basically, both app stores are having plenty of Poker learnings apps. 

    Regarding free roll chips for newbie, well here you need to state if you want to play for fun or for real money? 

    Real money bonuses you can find many on OCR: https://www.onlinecasinoreports.com/bonuses/online-poker-bonus.php 

    Also 888 poker are giving $88 no deposit bonus! https://www.onlinecasinoreports.com/onlinepoker/888-poker.php

    For fun playing have you tried Zynga or World Poker Club?

  2. There could be several options for you including a new credit card but first it's depends from which country you're going to play online, each country has different methods. If you state your country I may be able to give some options such debit cards, wallets, crypto options etc..  

  3. I come back to update that I had a great first experience with this casino which is quite rare I must say.


    I really liked what these guys did with the layout and usability, everything is so simple and well designed, I found almost everything I needed within few minuts and claiming the exclusive was built-in inside the cashier which is the best, no need to enter codes or contact support and such s** :)

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  4. Wow this post made me think a bit... I mean I wanted to find the one thing I love doing the most and its a hard question to answer :)

    I would say that #1 is watching movies, I love doing nothing while everything is happening infront of me hehehe 

    And #2 is stay up late and play blackjack and slots from my laptop !

    And #3 is (believe it or not) cooking !

  5. On 12/24/2015 at 2:43 PM, KlavsPrieditis said:

    The question is strange enough for me as I don`t believe in mystic. Even if I`m not lucky some day, I prefer the explanation that the probability theory works only in the theory of large numbers and I need to try some more times before I win anything. Moreover I know how does algorithms of casino works and as there is a great bias to the side of casino when it is about winnings. Regardless these facts you can also win not small money reward, so..I`m trying. But I do not believe in luck and zodiac signs. 


    Large numbers always works for me, eventually you'll win if you play smart and dont waste your budget in 1 day. 

    About the mystic, well I dont know if I dont believe because in life you also need luck and luck is quite of a mystic thing ;)

  6. 8 hours ago, KlavsPrieditis said:

    Thak for the review, but I`m interested, when I`m out of the USA, can I play that casino or not? For example, for Christmas holidays I`m planning to visit my grandmother in Germany and as I devoted enough for video games, so I`d like to play there. Will I have any problems with payments or with the game site in Hamburg? Thank you


    This casino is provided by Realtime Gaming (RTG), so you should have no issues signing up & play for real money.

    For payments you should have no issues in general with the majority of payment methods, but I suggest you'll check the casino which options are available  just in case before you sign up - ragingbullcasino.com

    From what I see they have all the important payment methods 

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