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  1. hey,

    i think of it as a large bingo game, I buy a ticket from time to time, I also won couple of times...small amounts but still covered the costs and i got left with couple of bucks...

    if you win the big jackpot - its a life changer and for couple dollars it worth the chance... even if its a one in a million...still more than nothing.... :)


  2. Hi Everyone,

    This is a warning to all players using Neteller at online casinos and gambling sites.

    I've searched for the neteller app on android google play store because I usually make deposits with it but all the apps that appear when you search for neteller are not really neteller apps.

    Save yourself the hassle and do not install any of them because neteller does not have an app at all...

    If you install any of these app, a 3rd side party will try to get your Neteller account details...

    I've noticed Neteller also posted this info on FB and official channels.

    Take Care

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