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Bingo Hall Rio Olympic Promotion !!!!! Complaignings of winner

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Hi.. I writing this post cause in my opinion can be interesting and can show like even when You are big winner better start smiling only after Your winning is in your hands or like in this example when You are already in plane and fly to RIO. So I had big lucky i was thinking whenBingohall called and say awesome news. Yes zenekk winning 1 prize and dreams can come true. I am polish living in Netherlands in Europe so in EU I needed only my ID. I never make passport cause I always make travels just in EU. In friday week before travel I started contact with polish ambasade to get new passport. Monday was this day when probably I can get temporary passport for now. Without ampointment You cannot even go in there and talk. Unfortunelly they didnt look individual before travel. In the day when I should have already everything ready. they start contacting but was already to late. I cant even watch Olympics in tv cause pain coming back everytime when start thinking what a shame for me. Till last moment I tried sell ceremony tickets.. prize 1500 euro each so I could be still happy but even that was to difficult. I winned 1 prize but I get nothing. Only huge dissapoint and questions without answers... 


After couple of days I realized that I should be informed about winnning 25 juli like standing everywhere result of competition but Bingohall did this 28 juli afternoon...


This is answer for ticket to support:


Thank you for contacting us!

We are really sorry you were not able to travel to Rio, however we did not reach you until the 28th and we were not able to inform you sooner. 
I am sure you will have the chance to win at our competitions again,just remain positive and enjoy the games. 

I will be at your full disposal.

unfair or not???




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Dear Pawel,

It was an unfortunate situation that did not allow you to attend the Rio Olympics opening but this was not due to the fact that we did not try to contact you. We started calling you on the 25th of July, when the winners were announced, but unfortunately we could not get through to you until the 28th.

Regarding the trouble you went through with the embassy, please try to understand that there was not way for us to know that you did not have a passport or that it would take so long for you to obtain one. We are very sorry that these situations prevented you from being at the festivities, but we are sure that many other occasions will follow. 

Last, but not least, we are confident that more and more winnings and amazing prizes will come your way so do not give up and try to enjoy the games. Luck strikes when you least expect it!

Should you need any other information regarding your account or should you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on Live Chat or via email to bingohall @ bingohall . ag [typed together] and we will do everything in our power to fix any situation as soon as possible. 

Warm regards,


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      We hope this message finds you well. 

      According to the information on your account, the Accounting team needed you to confirm the payment method details before being able to review the payout request, as per the following rule that can be found on the Banking Page:

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