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Hi, everyone! I am new in online gambling, can someone give me some names of good casinos, on what to pay attention and some more info about these tournaments? Thank u all... 

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It's very basic simple tournament... I think this page covers it all basically- click here, but I can help more if I know from which country you'r playing because some countries it's harder to find casinos with slots tournaments.

Also if you have specific questions about the tournaments.

Few tips I can give you personally:

1- Try as much as possible to avoid distractions while playing the tournaments, play from your home and make sure no one is disturbing you.

2- I bet the max amount. In order to get to the top you must bet hard and be aggressive because this is what the tournament is all about.

3- Press on the "Spin" as much fast as possible, you should practice on that and also make sure to maintain your speed while doing it!


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