Casino Game Tournament Types

Casino Game Tournament Types

Online casino games rules differ according to tournament type. Learn about the types of online casino tournaments.

Topics Addressed

  • How Tournaments Work
  • Guide to Tournament Types
  • Scheduled Tournaments
  • Sit 'n Go Tournaments
  • Extender Tournaments
  • One-Shot Tournaments
  • Reloader Tournaments
  • Survivor Tournaments

Previously Required Knowledge

Know the game, and the tournament play will be easy and fun.

Online casino tournaments are played across a variety of casino games, but are generally associated with online slots and poker. Tournaments involve multiple players and add a social and competitive edge to slot gaming which, although highly entertaining, tends to be a solitary experience. In both slots and poker tournaments, large prize pots are an attractive feature, as is the chance to pit your luck or skills against other players in real-time. You must register in advance to play in most tournaments.

How Tournaments Work

Tournament formats vary, but the most common is as follows: you "buy-in" (unless the tournament is a freeroll, namely, free to enter) and are allocated certain number of credits and a time frame within which to play them. The player with the most remaining credits at the end of the tournament tops the leaderboard and takes the prize pool. Sometimes several winners share the prize money. Feeder tournaments are qualifying events that feed into a bigger competition (sometimes called a "splash") with a larger prize pool at the end. Prize accumulator tournaments are events in which all the money spent by players on participation goes into the prize fund, which can reach considerable heights.

Tournaments are highly popular, which is why you'll find these competitive events at all times of the day and night. Rules differ according to tournament type and online gaming venue - always read the small print.

Guide to Tournament Types

  • Scheduled Tournaments - These begin at a fixed time and generally charge an entry fee, unless they are freeroll. A certain number of players may be required to register before the tournament can go ahead. The total prize pool will be announced before play begins.
  • Sit 'n Go Tournaments - These are flexibly scheduled tournaments that begin at the moment when enough players sign up. The idea is that you "sit" and wait for the required number of entrants, and then off you "go"! Sit 'n Go tournaments are ideal for players who visit the casino spontaneously.
  • Extender Tournaments - Extenders give you the option of extending your tournament play, even if you've run out of credits, by using a "continue" facility. Of course for this, you usually have to pay.
  • One-Shot Tournaments- One-Shot events are fast-paced, winner-takes-all tournaments. Just one round is played, and whoever comes out at the top of the leader board scoops the entire prize pool. These events are loved for their frantic pace, culminating in a nail-biting dash for the finish.
  • Reloader Tournaments - Reloading means that you can play again and again for multiple chances of moving up the leaderboard. In these tournaments all entrants have the same chance of achieving the top score with every turn; it's a bit like buying a lottery ticket.
  • Survivor Tournaments - these tournaments epitomize the principle of "survival of the fittest". They continue for multiple rounds; at the end of each round of play, a certain percentage of the participating players are knocked out. The survivor who tops the leader board at the end of play pockets the whole prize fund.


Tournaments start at set times or when a set number of players registers. Find out what tournaments are about to begin and where to join at the Tournaments Board Service.

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