Casino Software Download vs Flash Debate

Casino Software Download vs Flash Debate

HTML5, Flash, Java... Which is best?

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When you visit any of the reviewed online casinos you are regularly given two options: flash casinos or download casinos. Confused? Not sure which to use? Well worry not; Online Casino Reports is on hand to enlighten you. 

Flash Casinos

Flash casinos are also called No Download Casinos. They are a useful option for those with slow speed internet that takes a long time to download large files. The flash version of casino software is quick to load but doesn't have the full range of games on offer. Many casinos manage to have 30-45% of their games in flash version so don't worry, you can still have a wide choice of games, up to 150 in some cases. 

Some players use the flash versions to ‘try out' casinos before going to the trouble to download them. 

Another reason for using the flash version of games is that you are not restricted to the use of one computer. Flash casinos are portable and can be accessed from any terminal, as you are basically just loading the game to your browser as opposed to cluttering up your hard disk. 

Download Casinos

Download casinos are the real deal. On a high speed computer they don't take too long to load and give players the full range of high quality casino games. Once loaded players can enter their private casino at any time, without the bother of future downloads. 

The Same Player Experience

Although offering a smaller range of games the player experience on flash games is on par with their download counterparts. Both flash and download options give players colorful, high quality graphics as well as a crisp, clear audio experience. Best of all, players can gain access to real money games and big money prizes whichever software version they choose. 

Your Choice

When determining the best online casino software version to use, simply consider: 

  • Whether you plan to use the online casino on one single computer, 
  • The speed of your internet connection, 
  • The amount of disk space you have free, 
  • The number of games you want access to. 

Once you can answer these questions you can easily identify the best option for you.

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