Classic or Video – Two Ways to Enjoy Slots

Classic or Video – Two Ways to Enjoy Slots

The differences – and the appeal – of these two popular online slot games!

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  • What are classic slots?
  • What are video slots?

Simple vs showy. Classic vs flashy. These words may roughly encapsulate the differences between classic slots and video slots. But the contrast between these two slot games goes deeper than that. With more and more people becoming fans and aficionados of online slot games, here is a point-by-point comparison to help both beginner and veteran slots players learn how each game is played.

Classic Slots

Origin: Similar to land-based casino slot machines first invented in 1895 by Charles Fey.

Appeal: Simple, easy to play, gives the feel of old-fashioned slot machines.

Basics: Classic slots come with three to five reels, one pay line using the middle of the slot machine reels, and large jackpots.

Symbols: Melons, oranges, cherries and other fruits; also 7s and triple, double and single bars; and bell, diamond or heart shapes

How to play: Spin the reels and get a winning combination symbols; see your winnings on the pay table displayed on the screen.

Features: Wild Symbols replaces any other card in a winning symbol combination and multiplies winnings. Bonus Rounds, attained by getting certain symbols in a specific order on the reels, may also increase rewards. Progressive Jackpot, a common money pot to which many players contribute part of their bets, allows you to win big.

Tip: Manage your bankroll - the longer you play, the more chances you have to win.

Video Slots

Origin: Similar to casino games first invented 1975 by Walt Fraley.

Appeal: Entertaining and stimulating with attractive graphics, just like video games.

Basics: Video slots have five reels and up to 40 paylines. Players can choose the number of pay lines they want and how much they can bet per line. Instead of actual reels that spin, there's a virtual reel.

Symbols: Twenty to 100 symbols which never change their positions on the virtual reels.

How to play: Spin up a winning symbol combination on the reels. To be awarded payouts, winning symbols - as shown on the pay table - should appear on active paylines.

Features: Total Bet and Line Bet are the two ways you can display the bets you make. Pay Table shows all the winning symbol combinations and how much each is worth. Video slots also feature Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols (symbols that let you win even if they appear on non-active paylines), Bonus Rounds, and Progressive Jackpot.


There may be a lot that separates classic slots from video slots. But they both have one thing in common: a wide range of FREE online games to choose from and enjoy!
Compare payout tables - the flashiest games don't necessarily pay out the best.

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