How to Play the Daily Lotteries

How to Play the Daily Lotteries

Can't wait to find out if you won? Play daily lotteries for instant gratification.

Online Casino Reports' 3rd of 5 quick and dirty guides to lottery games is ready to be served up and today's lesson is Daily Lotteries, also known as "Dailies". Those players who still want a chance to win a lottery jackpot but don't want to wait until the week is through to find out if they won or not, will find their hearts content in the Dailies games. What are Dailies you ask? Glad you asked friend, read on for your daily dose of lottery knowledge. 

Dailies - Daily Play Lotto

Dailies are games that are for people who want to have better odds and play constantly. These games are usually drawn twice a day and six days a week. They may also be drawn once a day on Sundays depending on the state playing in. 

These games are called Pick 3 and Pick 4. To play, you must choose a three or four-digit number from 000 to 999(9). Like the regular lotto, you must put your numbers on a pay slip and take it to the retailer in order to get a play ticket. 

There are several types of play in these games ranging from "exact order" (straight), "any order" (box), "exact/any" (straight/box) or a combination of all of them. The cost is based on what type of play you want to do. 

  1.   Any order means if any of your numbers are drawn, it doesn't matter in what order they appear - you win.
  2.   If you choose exact/any play and your numbers are in the exact order drawn, then you will win the prize for exact play plus the any order play. However, if you pick the correct    numbers but they are not in the exact order, you will still win, but a smaller amount.
  3.  Combination play covers all bets. It gives you all the possible exact combinations of the numbers you pick on one ticket. This is often the best way to go.

Dailies have a fixed price amount, unlike Lotto and are generally not determined by the amount of players. Odds are lower in Dailies as the games rely on a different set of mathematics than regular Lotto. 

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