Online Gambling Q&A

Online Gambling Q&A

General questions about online gambling, including helpful FAQs on security and privacy, casino fairness, customer support, terms and conditions and more.

Find the answers to your online gambling frequently asked questions from general profiles of the average online player to some technical solutions for making the most of your online casino, poker, bingo or other gambling experience.

Are there certain hours when it's best to play at online casinos?

This is an interesting question because it all depends on the geographic area of the gambler. If we assume that UK players are all gambling between 7pm and 1am at their favorite online bingo site, then competition amongst players is going to be most fierce. If you were to gamble outside of those hours there are less opponents and a better chance of winning the jackpots. But two things should be considered: online gaming sports a global player base and less players participating translates into smaller prizes on offer.

Can I gamble from my mobile phone?

It is now very easy to interactively gamble on your mobile phone. However, you must find a provider that offers games which are compatible with your handset. Unfortunately, gaming software is not yet universal. Then you need to find a casino that offers mobile gaming and research their playability, graphics and customer service before you register.

Can I have more than one account at the same casino?

Can I have more than one account at the same casino?

Do all gambling games have a house edge?

The answer to this question has gradations based on the specific gaming variety in question. Most online casino games and sports books provide players with an opportunity to win a large amount of money in generous jackpot prizes. Naturally many players will lose for the benefit of those who will win. Online casinos stay in business by providing players with these opportunities. While some games have a lower house edge such as European Roulette over American Roulette, others are stacked heavily in the house's favor.

Do I need to submit my real name when I register with an online casino?

Yes. If you plan to play at an online casino and be able to cashout money, then you should submit your real name and email address. When you are playing, your name and account number will not be published on the scoreboard. Rather, the nickname or alias that you choose will appear instead.

How do I collect my winnings?

Usually you collect your winnings up to the amount that you deposited via the same way that you made your deposit in the first place. Anything above the original deposit amount may be sent to you by check, wire transfer or an alternative payment method depending on the casino. You should check the terms and conditions of each casino's cash out procedures.

How do I know if I'm skilled enough to wager real money?

There isn't a definite way to know this, mostly because it depends on the game you're playing. Chance games such as slots machines require no experience or skill whatsoever, so really, you have the same chances of winning as someone who has been playing for years (to see the odds for a game, read the payout percentage report or odds page of the casino). If you're playing a game of skill, such as Poker or Blackjack, then it will depend on your game strategy. If the way you play in fun/practice mode is leading you to more wins than losses, then try wagering real money in only small amounts and see how you go. The great thing about online gambling is how you can always play for fun/practice if you don't feel ready to bet real money.

How do I make a complaint about an online gambling service?

Prior to commencing any form of online gambling, it is responsible conduct to investigate exactly which online gambling operator you are going to register at. This means that it should be perfectly clear that the operator you are entrusting your details and your money to is a licensed and responsible gaming operator. Once that is confirmed, it should be no problem contacting the online casino via email, telephone or fax. If the need arises to escalate the query or complaint to a higher gambling watchdog authority, there are many to contact.

How is the outcome of games formulated?

Most reputable gambling software providers use RNG's to ensure that the chances of winning in particular games is equal for all players. An RNG is a computerized device that randomly generates a sequence of numbers or symbols without producing any kind of pattern. This is done by sing computational algorithms that produce sequences of random results, and is fully called a "pseudo random number generator". It is mostly used in chance games such as slots, but also in card games for fair shuffling purposes.

How much of my winnings do I report to the IRS in the USA?

It certainly depends how much you have won and secondly what games you were playing. It is all based on complex formulae around the amount won and the ratio of winnings to the wager. $600 or more in winnings at the Horse Races, $1,200 at Slots or Bingo or $1,500 in Keno then you are required by law to produce your Social Security number for the purposes of taxation. When it comes to Poker you will be required by law to report all winnings in excess of $5,000. In effect your success is shared with the IRS.

Is it normal for an online casino to ask for additional ID?

Yes. When you request to withdraw your winnings, the casino will ask you for additional identification to minimize against the risk of fraud. This is standard procedure.

What are "Comp Points"?

Comp points is a points rewards system, whereby players earn points for every wager they make, or win they accomplish. When points are accumulated, they are "cashed in" for real prizes, including money, gaming bonuses, holiday packages, card, household appliances, and more. They are usually only available for VIP or loyalty program members, and if not, then members usually receive better comp point rates, IE - more points per wager/win.

What are casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses are extra offers that are made by casinos to entice more players to register at their site. The types of bonuses and the amount of money offered depends upon the casino, the size of your initial deposit and the rules of the casino. A casino bonus can be a Welcome bonus, No Deposit Bonus, Free Spins, Friend Referral, Reload bonus and other types.

What are some of the most common gambling myths?

Online gambling is shrouded in a rich tapestry of myth and fiction. However many common myths and fallacies still about such as the following: It is illegal to place a bet in the USA. Online gambling cannot be regulated. The US federal government opposes gambling. There are no reliable online resources with which to conduct research into online gaming activity. Internet gambling is more susceptible to money laundering than land-based gambling. These are all false beliefs. And there are more where they came from.

What are the benefits of gambling online?

Gambling online boasts a range of benefits that cannot be found by playing at a land-based casino. The main ones are:* Gambling in the comfort of your own home: avoid the messy, smoky, fast-paced surroundings of land-based casinos. Wear what you like, eat, drink, and whatever else you enjoy without adhering to strict behavioral regulations.* Heavy reduction of expenses: 'going' to the casino usually involves transportation and accommodation expenses, not to mention entry fees, tipping, and valuable time lost in the process.* Better odds: online casinos have smaller payout percentages and house advantages.* International game play: gamble against players from all around the world.* Multi - lingual features: play in the language you are most comfortable using.* Playing for fun: play for the fun of the game if you choose, or sharpen your skills by practicing without the pressures of losing money

What are the most popular types of online gambling?

Online gambling varieties are plentiful. Players can enjoy many different styles of wagering from sports betting to casino wagers, from keno games and scratch cards to slots and the many varieties of online poker. In the online gambling world the opportunities are endless and the gaming variety is phenomenal. The most popular types of online games include: Texas Hold'em Poker, Live-Dealer Baccarat, Live-Dealer Blackjack, Sports Wagers and the ever-popular Online Bingo varieties.

What is better - online or traditional gambling?

Online gambling offers all the advantages of gaming from home with little or none of the requisite budget, travel, accommodation and time constraints that traditional bricks and mortar casinos require. Online casinos provide the full spectrum of card, table, slots and other games with powerful software gaming platforms and realistic sounds and audio to boot. Traditional gambling is more of an outing that requires careful planning and more significant cost requirements. Both forms offer excitement galore, though online casinos offer the extra large progressive games.

What is game variant?

A game variant is a modified version of any given game. For example, slots games can be played in a range of styles, such as UK, fruit, or symbol. Variants exist because throughout history, the games developed slowly as people migrated from country to country, and were modified in each place according to taste.

What is the minimum amount of money that I can bet?

The minimum amount that you can bet will depend not only on the casinos where you are playing but also the game. It may be as low as $1, or even a single cent.

What is the WSOP?

The WSOP is the acronym for the World Series of Poker. This poker tournament ranks as the most prestigious and anticipated yearly events on the poker calendar. The WSOP is held every year in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was first hosted in 1970 at the Horseshoe Casino with Benny Binion as the host. The WSOP has functioned for over four decades as the world’s premier and largest poker get-together. This is the tournament that all the biggest poker punters in the world converge upon and for good reason too.

When I win , how long does it take to be paid out?

The answer depends on which casino you are playing at. Some casinos offer players instant payments otherwise it may take between 2 days to 2 weeks which may be due to strict security checks. You should check the terms and conditions of the site before you start playing.

Which game gives the best odds?

This is somewhat dependent upon the casino in which you play on, as even a game with good odds might not pay up well if the casino's payout percentage rate is high. Always check the wagering requirements of a website before gambling. Logically, games that involve the element of skill will offer you better odds, as you maintain control over a great deal of the outcome. As such, those that are entirely chance may or may not pay up well. Even so, odds for these games are designed to always benefit the casino first, so bear this in mind when choosing to play a chance game. However, you can read about the odds of each game on the casino's website, and a payout percentage report can tell you the winning rates for each game in the last month, which is a good indicator of where to turn.

Which is the largest gambling market in the world?

Macau is probably the world's largest gambling market. Yes, the Chinese province has overcome Las Vegas, thanks to massive investment and the recent economic crisis that hit the American economy.

Who tends to gamble more - men or women?

For many men and women alike, gambling is an exciting form of entertainment. Traditionally men have been the bigger gamblers, but the advent of online gaming has meant that many more people have access to gaming facilities. This is true for male and female gamblers alike. While there is little doubt that men are the bigger punters on sports betting, casino, card and table games, there is a strong and growing contingent of women gamblers too. Studies show patterns among female gamblers such that women prefer more solitary forms of gambling like slot machines and video poker.

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