Holy Craps! Craps Superstitions

Holy Craps! Craps Superstitions

Craps dos and don'ts: Your exclusive guide to wacky and wild superstitions that can be seen at the craps table.

Don't let the dice hit you. Don't yell seven. These are only two examples from dozens of superstitions that many craps players would never be caught doing. Craps is one of the most beloved games in the world of gambling, as there is no excitement quite like a bustling craps table in the middle of the casino floor.

Craps Superstitions

Craps has been used in countless Hollywood movies like some of the James Bond hits including Diamonds are Forever and the famed Oceans 13 along with countless others. Anyone can play Craps, as there are only a few things to remember, but the game has a number of wild superstitions that some players refuse to bend.

1. Never Yell "Seven"

You will probably never see a craps table clear out faster than it does when someone yells out '"Seven." The dreaded call is said to be heard by the dice's tiny ears and once they do, the subsequent roll will end up a big loser.

2. Never Let the Dice Hit You

If you are placing a bet and the dice hits you, you're in luck; but the rest of the table may be cursed. Keep out of the dice's way, keep lady luck on your side and let it roll. 

3. Never Change the Dice Mid-Game

Many players are strict when it comes to changing the dice mid-game. They may fall off the table and the casino might be quick to try and replace them with new ones. Don't do it! Making the dice change when in the middle of a game is probably the biggest unwritten rule in the game of craps.Prior to a throw, you'll never catch a seasoned craps veteran throwing both dice in the air at the same time.

There are many more craps superstitions out there and just by watching a round or two, you'll probably be able to pick up on a few of them. The origins of where these superstitions came from is debatable, but get caught making a mistake at the casino and you might get a mean glare from players around the table, just before they leave you by yourself.

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